Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 0
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 1
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 2
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 3
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 4
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 5
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 6
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 7
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 8
Exhibition: »Machtwort!«, Bild 9
Reformation in the Land of Lippe

Exhibition: »Machtwort!«

Reformation in the Land of Lippe

Exhibition: »Machtwort!«

Although Luther was never in Detmold, Lemgo or Blomberg, the ideas of the reformer have naturally also reached the land of Lippe. What effects these had, to which religious, political and social conflicts and upheavals this led, shows in a very impressive and vivid way the current special exhibition »Machtwort! Reformation in Lippe« in the Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold.

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