A strong partner in extraordinary times!

We started up von Hagen Medic in Blomberg in 2020 due to extraordinary circumstances. Having originally specialized in the design and construction of exhibition stands and shop fittings, we were able to draw on our nearly 30 years of experience. 

Due to government decisions made in Germany as a response to the coronavirus pandemic the trade show sector collapsed from one day to the next. However, we still had our excellently developed international network and modern machinery. We quickly adapted our machines and started making protective products to offer other companies immediate support for securing their businesses, as well as for protecting their staff and customers from possible infection.

Owing to national bottlenecks in the supply of protective equipment, we used our international network to provide efficient support in this area too.

Using the ideal combination of existing frameworks and new horizons, we are able to guarantee the supply of protective masks, protective office solutions and temporary field hospitals meeting high quality requirements.

MemberPanAfrican TaskForce

Axel von Hagen is member of the PanAfrican TaskFore, a consortium of international specialists, experienced organizations and companies in the sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and humanitarian field. 

The global acting platform was founded by Robert F. Blum and offers full-scope of services for nations during times of crisis, to manage and implement a sustainable supply-chain and distribution network from the manufacturer to the final users. Together, all neccessary products to fight against Covid-19 can be delivered in high quality and at prices that are acceptable to all the populations of the different countries.

Further information please find under www.panafricantaskforce.org

For more informationCooperation with AgriVisual

von Hagen Medic supports AgriVisual, an organization that works to actively promote the communication of information in Africa to aid economic and social development, especially in rural areas. With the transfer of knowledge and technology, it empowers people to improve their own lives. AgriVisual has been working with governments and key non-governmental organizations for nearly 40 years, and uses the latest digital technology and mobile communication.