In addition to Hagen Medic, another main pillar of von Hagen GmbH was established in 2020. von Hagen Protect offers comprehensive protective structures with bulletproof material.

Our planning team designs individual room concepts and intelligent furniture, as well as vehicle linings that provide invisible protection against bullets and fire. The protection of persons is always in the foreground.

This worldwide unique material is supplied by a permanent local partner who has years of experience in this field and who has developed this high-quality wood-based material, which we process directly in our own woodwork. This enables us to meet individual customer requirements flexibly and in the highest quality. In contrast to more cost-intensive metal constructions, the wood-based material is easy to process and is also much more inconspicuous. The level of protection can therefore not be foreseen and calculated for potential attackers.

Our customers include banks, governments and authorities, universities, courts, hotels, but also shopping centers, shooting ranges and private clients.

security at all levelsPartnership with TOP TS

von Hagen Protect is official partner of TOP TS Security and is therefore able to provide you in field of security systems and enterprise applications. TOP TS is an Israeli security company, which comprehensive, individual and highly professional solutions for all kinds of security issues. 

We create individual security concepts for different business areas or events - both with specially trained manpower on site, but above all with intelligent security systems that detect any kind of threat in real time and react fully automatically.