Safe spaces in uncertain times

Bullet-proofed walls are mainly used in personal protection rooms, such as panic-rooms. Corresponding requirements also apply in the field of machine, tool, fixture and mold construction. 

Together with our partnerDelignit┬«, we design and build safety rooms for banks, hotels, universities, government and public authority buildings, among others. A special panel material is used for this purpose. A combination of thermosetting synthetic resin and hardwood with a highly tempered structure allows far more visually appealing results under maximum protection aspects than conventional metal constructions. This is another major advantage of using the worldwide unique wood-based material:

The Panzerholz┬« looks just like a normal wall - discreet and inconspicuous. A potential attacker cannot foresee the level of protection. 

The ecological material has excellent ballistic properties and low weight, while at the same time dispensing with metal inserts.