Outdoor-Begegnungsraum in Hamburg
Die “Klön-Bude“ vor dem Haus Weinberg in Hamburg

Conversation room Klön-Bude

Klön-Bude inaugurated in Hamburg

The residents of the nursing home Haus Weinberg in Hamburg can at last meet their relatives again. The chat booth in Hamburg was inaugurated just in time for Mother’s Day in Germany on 7.05.2020, and was booked up straight away. According to Deacon Ulrich Bartels, the manager of the home, the new conversation room is a resounding success. And it even gained media attention. News about the chat booth was soon on the radio and the television, and on a number of online platforms.


We are happy that another of our outdoor chat booths has found a suitable home – allowing contact between residents and their relatives without the need for masks. We would therefore like to wish all residents, relatives and staff at Rauhe Haus all the best and plenty of enjoyment with their new chat booth.